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Share 0f SIGNAL Note #23

Time:2017-04-22 18:15 Source:未知 Writer:cjss read:

亲爱的  Dr. Pan Guang ,

刚刚过去的一周是我们的逾越节,这是我们纪念古代以色列人从奴隶身份逃脱出来重获自由的节日,在此我们非常高兴与您分享新一期的《SIGNAL关注#23》,本期关注的主题是内塔尼亚胡总理上月的访华之行。内塔尼亚胡总理此次访华证明中以两国都在积极深化 “一带一路”方面的合作,共同帮助改善中国、以色列和所有沿“一带一路”国家人民的福祉。






Dear  Dr. Pan Guang,

Now, at the conclusion of Passover, the week-long holiday remembering the exit of the people of Israel from slavery to freedom, it is with pleasure that I share SIGNAL Note #23 on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to China. This visit proved to be an important sign of the growing commitment of both countries to cooperate on the success of the Belt & Road Initiative to help improve the lives of people in China, Israel and all the nation's of the BRI.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to Beijing last month by President Xi Jinping to mark 25 years of formal diplomatic relations between Israel and China. The PM was joined by a delegation of 90 businesspeople and 4 ministers. The visit represented a shift towards a top-down approach adopted in recent years by the Israeli government, which looks to open the door to more fruitful cooperation between the two nations in the future. The delegation’s primary focus was trade and at its core was the third meeting of the China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation and Cooperation (JCIC). The visit provided both countries with the opportunity to further expand bilateral relations by expanding the foundations for economic cooperation and building diplomatic capital. More specifically, the events of PM Netanyahu’s trip to Beijing encouraged Chinese investment in Israel and further opened the door for more diverse Israeli investment in the Chinese market. In addition, the visit advanced the ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) discussions between China and Israel.

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