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White Horse Cafe reopened

Time:2015-08-31 17:37 Source:未知 Writer:cjss read:
The Zum Weissag Rossi Cafe, or White Horse Cafe, which originally opened in 1939, reopened again in a ceremony Wednesday after being rebuilt, according to the news website Shanghaiist. "A lot of people visited, Jewish people and non-Jewish people," said Ron Klinger, 74, the cafe co-founder's grandson, who grew up in the cafe, according to Shanghaiist. "It was like [a] cafe, bar and nightclub. It was very popular." The cafe was rebuilt about 100 yards from its original location, and is located next to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. Shanghaiist reported that the city is applying to have the neighborhood, which was home to about 20,000 Jews during the Holocaust, included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Registry.
FROM FACEBOOK Jonathan Spungen, on his 3rd trip to China was famous for a few seconds! For those that read Chinese. he included eight newspaper articles (including front page coverage in one paper) where he was captured on camera at the re-opening of the "White Horse Inn" - a replica of a coffee house/restaurant that was originally built in Shanghai by Jewish refugees. The new coffee house is now across the street from the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and part of the Museum grounds. The courtyard has a new statue created by the Shanghai Mint designer (Rocky Zhao) based on the image from the 2013 Shanghai Ghetto Memory numismatic medal/coin. In addition to newspapers, Danny was interviewed by ICS TV News and a by a Harbin TV crew for a new documentary of the history of the Jewish people in China coming out in 2016.